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Why should you become a VIPX teacher?

          Grow with us!

Our teachers are our foundation.  We offer teachers the opportunity to expand their skills, and potential to move into other areas.


Work from anywhere! Enjoy the flexibility of working from home or any other location with stable internet access.

Stop relying on bookings!

Our program offers the stability of a set schedule, providing the best for students and teachers.

How to apply?


Step 1


Step 2



Complete the online application form and upload your resume

Attend an interview and give a teaching demonstration


Step 3


Attend initial training and set your working schedule


Step 4


Perform a final teaching demonstration


Step 5


Start teaching

What curriculum you will teach?

Teacher Laura

I’ve been working with VIPX since 2016! I haven’t looked back since! For me, the best part of working with VIPX is teaching students one-to-one. I love getting to know the kids and enjoy the challenge of adapting lessons to suit my students’ personalities. It has been fantastic watching my long-term students grow and overcome challenges. It’s great to have a job that has more smiles than stresses!

Teacher Shari.png

Teacher Shari

There are many companies that hire American teachers to teach online in China. I chose VIPX because I think it is a great company. They care greatly about every student’s success. In other online classes, you may have classes with 3 or 4 children. VIPX’s one on one lessons allow for a class that is custom made for each child. One of my favorite things about teaching with VIPX is the flexibility to change each lesson in little ways depending on my student’s interests or abilities.


Teacher Christen

I found VIPX a little over 3 years ago when I was quite the nomad. I got bored with life so I randomly moved to India and needed a job I could take with me around the subcontinent. VIPX was a perfect fit - and still is! I VIPX for so many reasons. I have some students I’ve worked with for a LONG time and consider my friends! But I also love the connections I’ve made with other teachers. You guys are my family!

What do teachers say about working with us?

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