VIPX History

May 2018

 Our Spring Semester commenced with a record​ 20,000 online students actively enrolled in courses

April 2018

VIPX went through massive restructuring and rebranding to expand its program development featuring native English teachers

October 2016

Redesigned "Experiencing Course" launched, allowing teachers more contact with students from mainland China

November 2015

Partnerships were established with international publishers to offer higher quality course materials

July 2015

VIPX reached initial goal of 10,000 online students

March 2015

First overseas research center launched with the aim of improving how technology is used to deliver virtual education

January 2015

VIPX launched as Lewaijiao, a branch of the TAL Education Group geared towards providing online learning opportunities for Chinese children between the ages of 6-14

About TAL Education Group






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Founded in 2003, TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL) is one of the leading educational service providers in China. Standing for “Tomorrow Advancing Life”, TAL’s brand personifies our vision to promote learning through quality content while integrating technology into education. As there is no end to knowledge, we support a broad range of learners by providing comprehensive learning from Pre-K all the way through higher education.  Because of this, we have over 4.5 million offline students in 55 cities throughout China with more than 36 million students taking part in the online divisions alone. ​


As an industry leader in China, TAL Education Group looks to make education effective, innovative, and accessible for all. In pursuit of our mission to advance education through science and technology, we've been able to deliver the latest tools and services to families of all sizes and backgrounds.


Through regular discourse with experts and collaboration with our global partnerships, we are able to constantly improve upon our students' experience in the ever-evolving world of education.

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