Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the students at VIPX?

Our students are young language learners from China between the ages of 3-14. The majority of our students are in highly-competitive academic and extra-curricular programs. They have chosen to study with us in hopes of developing their speech to sound more like native English speakers and learning more about Western culture.

Do teachers always teach the same student?

YES! At VIPX, what really sets us apart is the set schedule that we offer our students. We allow parents the option to sign up their child to learn with the same teacher for entire semesters. Not only does this help in to provide a better educational experience, it also gives teachers the benefit of not having to worry about bookings and just concentrate on teaching!


What curriculum is being used at VIPX?

Through our exclusive partnerships with North American publishers, we are able to offer classroom materials such as Reach by National Geographic Kids, Hello English by Cambridge University. Our courses are reading-based, and therefore utilize the student’s reading skills as a catalyst to explore speaking and listening with a native English speaker.


Are there training opportunities for teachers?

Our training program has our new teachers’ needs in mind. We have meticulously designed a flexible program that allows you to receive the knowledge and support necessary to become a successful VIPX instructor. With a blend of independent study modules and live sessions with our expert trainers, you will develop confidence in the materials and platform before beginning your own teaching adventure with us. Note: All the training time is in BJT


How does the pay work?

We offer competitive wages in addition to incentives such as bonuses for attendance and teacher referrals. We provide payment via direct deposit on the 10th of every month in US Dollars.


What types of schedules can a teacher have?

At VIPX, we give our students a set schedule with the opportunity to choose a teacher that best fits their needs. We ask that our teachers work a minimum of 15 slots a week from the available purple teaching slots in Beijing Time and commit to the same schedule for 6 months. Note: Purple slots only. All the time slots are 50 minutes in length now, 40 min class and 10 minute break/feedback time.

Tech Reqs

What are the technical requirements to work at VIPX?

In order to provide a quality experience for our students, you will need to meet the following requirements: Device
Desktop, Laptop, MAC, Surface Operating System
Windows7, Windows8, Windows10,
MAC OS 10.10 or above CPU
Intel Core i5 (or equivalent) or above Memory
4GB RAM or above Monitor
Resolution width: 1080 or above
Optimum resolution: 1366×768 Network
Download/upload speed: 4M or above Wired connection is preferred Headset A headset with microphone


What are you looking for in the teaching activity?

Well, essentially, we want to see why our students would want to learn with you. What sets you apart? Are you fun? Did you use TPR? Did you follow the lesson materials? Pay careful attention to our demo materials and you´ll do great!

How will my teaching activity be graded?

Classroom Setup

The physical area in which the teacher resides

Lesson Preparation

Teacher is aware of the materials in advance

Teacher Enthusiasm​​​​​​​

Teacher attitude toward the student, context and materials

Use of Language

Teacher uses correct language; gives accurate information regarding language and grades speech to student's ability


Teacher uses of praise and error correction within the lesson

Getting Students Talking

Teacher uses varies techniques to promote students talking and communicating​​​​​​​


How many students do I teach in each class?

At VIPX, all of our classes are one on one to ensure we can help our students meet their goals.

How long are the classes?

At VIPX we offer two types of classes: Our REGULAR semester-long courses feature 40 minute long classes and our EXPERIENCING (trial) courses offer 20 minute long classes.

What do I need to do to prepare for class?

We have that taken care of! Our innovative team of curriculum developers here at VIPX have already designed materials for every class. All materials are reading-based and follow curriculum developed by leading educational publishers. You will have access to all class materials well in advance

How do classes take place?

VIPX classes are delivered using our unique online platform featuring an interactive whiteboard to really help your classes come to life!

Hiring Flow

How do I become a VIPX teacher?

Step 1. Participate in a video interview via Zoom - After passing the interview you will receive a conditional offer to begin training Step 2. You will receive a trainingwelcome email - Begin the self-study modules and register for the first live session

Step 3. Sign your teaching agreement with VIPX - Submit all relevant paperwork - Begin teaching!!

How soon can I be hired by VIPX?

3 days. Day 1. Interview Day 2. Training Day 3. Sign the agreement and hired!


If I have problem in the hiring process, who should I reach out to?

If you have interview questions, please reach out to your recruiter via email.
If you have questions during the training, please reach out to your trainer via DingTalk. If you are unable to reach them via DingTalk please email them and cc your recruiter so that they can help you follow up.

If I have problems in class, is there a support team I can contact?

You will have a support admin on hand whenever you teach a class. Your admin will be there to assist you with any problems you or your student might encounter.

Teaching Platform

What teaching platform does VIPX use?

VIPX has its own teaching platform: "Future Cloud". With our cutting edge technology, Future Cloud is an interactive white board complete with tools and a built in reward system all of which will help you make your class engaging and fun!